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And just when I got my life back…

On last weeks podcast, we mentioned that the Dark Souls PC release was all but officially announced. Well, now it is official. Not only that, you can head over to the official website and check out the details, extra content and all that jazz. In case I didn’t say official enough: It’s officially official.


Some interesting bullet points:
New Bosses included “Dark Knight Artorias” (which is REALLY rad if you’re familiar with the lore of Dark Souls),

New Areas including “Tomb of Oolacile” (Remember Dusk of Oolacile from Dark Souls? I can only imagine what her tomb is like…)

and the most mysterious, they state that there is new PVP and Co-op matchmaking… Which we still don’t know what exactly this means. Jake assumes it’s just the system they have now, but with less failed connections. I am going to speculate that it will be a more direct multiplayer element, perhaps being able to join people on the fly AND use the old summon sign system? Now I’m just dreaming. Although, most of the charm came from strangers joining your worlds, where the only communication was in the primitive in-game language of play style.

Last year, half of the WBIT crew gave Dark Souls their “Game of the Year” award. If you haven’t played it and have a decent PC, You can check out this gem in late August, 2012. Prepare to Die!

*edit: Herp’da Derp, Here is the trailer for the new content!*

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Episode 15: Podcast? OR BEES?!

Rumored Playstation names, Cupcakes, Bees and “Porn Fights”?!? I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy this weeks episode!

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Episode 12: “Tired Saturday Morning”

This week, Jake is off doing his thing for the “American Ninja Warrior” taping, and that leaves us to discuss the gaming news stories… To which there are very few. Something about this week in gaming just screamed “slow news week”. To counter this, we started our second Steam game giveaway! Listen to the show, and then send us your great gaming stories either on our Facebook page or at WhatButtonisTaunt@Gmail(dot)com. Give us a week or two and we’ll share our favorites and give out some great prizes! Enjoy the show this week, even if I sound incredibly tired for some reason…

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